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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Conserve The Future

In this busy selfish world of ours, it seems that personal gain is the only thing that really matters. Until the time comes when inter-planetary travel and cosmic colonisation becomes a reality, then planet earth remains our home. It therefore makes a lot of sense to make sure that we keep our home in good order. There are many views about how to achieve this, and even some that still say it is not necessary, so what are we to believe.

We keep our houses clean and tidy, we cut the grass and weed the flower beds, we paint the house and fence surrounding our property, but still we allow planet earth to be turned into a global rubbish dump. Whilst some of the issues require governments to solve, there are many self help remedies that we the consumer can remedy now.

Recycling, going green, reducing carbon footprints are just some of the initiatives that have gained popularity. I am sure some of these things will fail and others will take their place, but that is no reason for not trying. What many people fail to see and accept is that the humble antique is the oldest green product bar none. 

By definition, an antique is an item that is 100 years or more in age, and during that time it will have been recycled several times. By conserving and re-using these items we are reducing our impact on planet earth. That alone should be sufficient, but as a bonus the antique piece has a unique provenance that future generations can look back upon with pride. 

There are many products that can be used to care for antiques, and indeed many of them are household names. Make sure the product you use is an eco-friendly pH Neutral product. They may be a little more expensive to purchase initially, but usually work out cheaper in the long run and more importantly do no harm to the environment. By using these products, not only are you giving the antique piece you are trying to conserve the best chance of survival, you are also helping planet earth and all those that rely on her the chance to survive as well.

I hope I am ready for the question my grandchildren will most likely ask "Grandpa, what did you do to save planet earth". 

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