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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Insurance – A Thing To Remember

Many of us watched in horror as the Iraq museums were ransacked and the artefacts stolen. Lesser known but never-the-less disturbing robberies regularly take place.

On Sunday 30th November 2003, three burglars managed to break into the Antwerp Diamond museum and exited with about 12 pieces of jewellery. The estimated combined worth was about 1,250,000 US$. Insiders say the burglars were well trained professionals and the job was well prepared. Most of the jewels taken were Art Deco. The thieves used sledgehammers, took what they wanted, and left via the emergency exits before the automatic doors could be closed.

There is no real way of protecting jewels with certainty; there is though a protective solution: at least insure your jewels properly. We feel it is our duty to insist on reminding all antique and jewellery lovers to properly deal with that question.

Before it is too late!

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