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Monday, 29 August 2011

Give An Antique As A Gift

Antiques Are Green is an initiative that is gaining the support of the antique trade and governments alike. 

Going green is one thing, thinking green and being green is much more positive.

The Kyoto agreement may be struggling to survive, but you the consumer can make a difference today.

Most of us struggle each year to find a suitable birthday or Christmas present that will be cherished and not put in a cupboard and forgotten, or worse still, changed for something else or given away. What better way to solve the problem than to give a unique antique item, a memorable gift such as a 1700´s candlestick as a present.

With the correct use of technology, keeping brass, copper and silver in top condition is no longer the chore it used to be. By using eco friendly polish and wax, you not only reduce polution but also help conserve the item for future generations to enjoy.. 

So start today and give planet earth a chance. 

Invest In The Future – Recycle The Past

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