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Monday, 26 September 2011

Growing Online Sales

The grand days of clipper ships racing across the world’s oceans to be first home with goods and spices from exotic locations, has been eclipsed by the ubiquitous Internet. Where else can you shop around the clock, around the world without leaving the comfort of your home?

People have for several years, become used to buying smaller, cheaper items online without experiencing any special problems. It comes as no surprise therefore to find there is a growing trend towards the online purchase of more expensive goods. A key criteria people use when selecting a company from which to purchase an antique or collectable item, is the impeccable and respectable reputation of the company. We are particularly proud of the trust our customers have placed in us, that has helped us to continually grow and increase our market share.

Why then with online antique jewellery sales growing at one of the fastest rates, did the respectable ‘Old Lady’, Sotheby’s sell their last jewel on internet at the end of April 2003? Far be it for us to query the action of one of the world’s best known auction houses, but even a world famous company like Sotheby’s cannot ignore market trends and demands. The average price of items purchased online is currently far lower than Sotheby’s standard reserve price. Also internet selling is a totally different discipline that requires a new knowledge base.

Clearly the market is in need of the two separate businesses, the international auction houses to sell expensive antiques and high end jewellery, and companies like Rarity4u who are specialised in the online sale of irreplaceable antiques at affordable prices packaged together with that good old fashion commodity called service.

Whilst the internet is more convenient and increasingly more available, it does not have the romantic appeal of those grand clipper ships racing across the world's oceans.

We wish you continued success with your search for antiques and collectables.

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