Oil Painting

Zanden signed Yellow Roses Still Life Oil Painting 1930’s

Mantle Clock

Hamburg American Clock Company

Silver Enamel Brooch

Norwegian silver enamel leaf brooch from Aksel Holmsen A/S

Ceramic Pot Lid

Mounted Victorian Ceramic Pot Lid

EasyShine Metal Polish

Environment Friendly Metal Polish

Renaissance Wax

Environment Friendly Micro-Crystalline Wax

Model Car

View Vans Collectable Souvenir Glentworth Hall

Lead Shot

Lead Shot From The Shipwreck HMS Crocodile c.1784

Opera Glasses

Brass and Ivory Opera Glasses 1920's

Cluster Ring

Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster Ring

Silver lapel Badge

Sterling Silver and Enamel Lapel Badge

Silver Cream Jug

Walker and Hall Sterling Silver Cream Jug, Sheffield 1910

Tunbridgeware Box

Victorian Walnut Box with Tunbridge Bands c.1800's

Burr Walnut Snuff Box

Victorian Burr Walnut Snuff Box c.1800's

Carved Oak Hippo

Hand Carved Oak Hippo c.1980's

Wooden Desk Blotter

Edwardian Hand Carved Oak Blotter

Blue Enamel Hair Brush

Blue Enamel and Silver Hair Brush, Birmingham 1929

Silver Visit Card Holder

Sterling Silver Visit Card Holder, Birmingham 1876

Open Silver Salt

Swedish Open Silver Salt with Cobalt Blue Glass Liner, 1952

Silver Serving Fork

Silver Handle Serving Fork, Birmingham 1899

Silver Plate Tray

Silver Plated Tray, Elkington and Co, Birmingham 1948

Silver Candlestick

Silver Candlestick, Arthur and John Zimmerman, Birmingham 1911

Silver Sifter Spoon

Sterling Silver Sifter Spoon, Sheffield 1909

Silver Decanter label

Sterling Silver Decanter Label, Birmingham 1970

Silver Button Hook

Silver Handle Button Hook, Birmingham 1939

Silver Pickle Fork

Victorian Silver Pickle Fork with Ivory Handle

Monday, 14 October 2013

How To List An Item

Online selling is subtly different from traditional selling because the buyer does not actually see the item until after it has been paid for and delivered. 
Tips about item descriptions and photographs can be read in our article How To List An Item
It is always a good idea to put ones self in the buyers position and ask the question what do I need to know about this item before I purchase it. If you get a number of e-mails asking for additional information, then either the Title, Description or Photographs are lacking information.
Would you buy an expensive Rolex or Cartier watch from a one-line description and an out of focus photograph?
At any antique fair, the first thing people do is pick up the item, to look at it, feel it, examine it or ask questions about it. When selling online, only your Title, Description and Photographs create the virtual conditions of the antique fair.
What is required to sell a stamp, vintage clothing or an oil painting will vary according to the item and its value. A low value item represents a small risk if it is not as expected upon arrival, but an expensive oil painting, stamp or piece of silver represents a large risk if it is not what you expected.
The Title, Description and Photographs should send a clear message to the buyer that since you have taken the time and effort to describe and show the item including dings, dents and flaws then you are trustworthy since you are not trying to hide anything. Whilst this may not end in a sale, but it takes away a major reason for people not to buy.
Regarding the number of photographs. Most broadband accounts include 4 to 10 MB space for a small home website. Some auction sites restrict the number of photographs you can list per item, but you can host your own photographs and place a link in your auction advert to these photographs, so you are not restricted to a certain number of photographs after all.


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